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Jeffrey Keen

Comprehension of the structure of the universe requires a theory of quantum gravity. Attempting to link quantum physics with general relativity is one current approach. Many researchers, including the author, believes that the solution lies not just in physics, but involves consciousness and cognitive neuroscience together with understanding the nature and perception of information. Techniques such as Mind Science, Noetics, and Dowsing involve these latter factors, and have proved to be a powerful and relevant research tool.

Non dowsers have difficulty in comprehending what dowsers feel, sense, or visualise. Although atoms or electricity cannot be seen, touched, smelt, tasted or heard by the normal human senses, they are physical and can be detected by physical equipment and meters. Dowsing, on the other hand, involves the mind and consciousness – not matter and the physical. At present there are no meters to measure consciousness, so it is necessary to use the mind’s perception and its interaction with the body’s senses. For serious research, this process needs to be made quantitative and as scientific as possible.

Sight is probably a good analogy to the dowser’s perception. Sight is a model formed in the brain in which the observer believes that he or she is “seeing directly” what is being looked at. Dowsing involves building intuitively a similar model in the brain.

Dowsing involves the mind interacting with its environment in the widest sense via consciously specifying intent and visualising what information is being sought. Dowsing has many applications, but in this research it is purely academic, and relates to “earth energies” and naturally occurring “subtle energy” fields, the nature of which are not yet understood, but are currently being researched. The simplest form of dowsing involves information requests of a binary nature; basically a “yes” or “no” answer to a question. Examples of this basic academic dowsing intent could be “give me a yes” when entering the boundary of the aura of an object, or when measuring the width of a subtle energy beam produced by the interaction of two or more bodies. With much practice, this protocol enables accurate measurements to be made to within 1 mm.

Dowsing and associated intuitive techniques fall into several different categories. Some gifted people are able to visualise “earth energies” or “subtle energies” in colour without the use of devices. Other device-less dowsers feel a positive sensation in their mind’s eye, throat, solar plexus, or fingers. Most dowsers need rods, a pendulum, or other devices to amplify the dowsing sensation emanating in their mind. The majority of the research detailed here was undertaken by device-less dowsing, supplemented with angle rods because the author feels they react quickly, respond accurately to boundaries, indicate the direction of flow of the subtle energies or spirals being dowsed, and are easy to use on-site, even in the wind or rain.

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