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Current Research

Current research is aimed at studying the connection between the laws of physics, cosmology, quantum physics, the big bang, and consciousness. The overriding objective is to find quantitative evidence involving equations containing universal constants.

















































































































































































































Psi-lines are a form of linear subtle energy. They are easily created and/or destroyed by the mind. (Psi is associated with the Greek word for mind). Not only can they be detected by their creator, but more importantly they can be readily detected by others. This property enables their use for tracking. Evidence exists for this use over 1,000 years’ ago, and there is a strong probability that they were used by Neolithic man. In ancient times they were presumably created as part of daily life, to assist in navigation.

My current research is using psi-lines to demonstrate scientifically that the brain/mind combination is interfacing directly with the structure of space-time and the laws of physics. For example, results from quantitative experiments have produced such universal constants as the Golden Ratio (1.61803), Feigenbaum’s Constant (4.6692), angles of sine 1/3 (19.471°), etc. All of these findings are to a very high degree of accuracy. These dimensionless ratios were discovered weeks after the intuitive data was obtained, and therefore could not have occurred by chance or with pre-meditation. These universal constants could only result from the mind/consciousness having the ability to interact with space-time and the laws of physics.

By the use of psi-lines, magnetism has been shown to have an important effect on the brain, and has led to a convincing example of remote macro entanglement.

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The Structure of Psi-Lines and Similar Subtle Energies

The internal structure of mind generated psi-lines is 7 or 9-fold fractal geometry, and is similar to 3-body alignment beams, subtle energy beams created by geometric shapes such as a dot, columnar vortices generated by a range of physical objects such as Amethyst geode’s, Jupiter’s red spot, pyramids, cones, a stack of CDs interspersed with paper, and sun spots.

Their cross-section comprises 3 rings (cylindrical in 3-D) with each cylinder comprising 7 subtle energy “rods” and a central core, held together by a web that keeps the beam parallel indefinitely. This fractal geometry pattern is repeated smaller and smaller for each rod and core. Alignment beams created by solar bodies probably have diameters greater than that of the earth. Because these alignment beams are fractal, the locally detected subtle energy beam acquires the same geometry but at a much smaller size than the astronomical beam being investigated.

Linked to the above is researching the differences and similarities between psi-lines, auras, and peace grids.

The Mind, Intergalactic Space, and Phi

Although counter-intuitive, many published papers have proved that scientific experiments are affected by the act of observation, as well as the mind being affected by local astronomical forces and factors, such as gravity, electromagnetism, spin, and orientation. In order to research the fundamentals of quantum physics and its interaction with observation/consciousness it is necessary to isolate the above factors which cause significant perturbations in measurements. This paper details the ability of the mind to filter out all of these local factors, and visualise experiments as if they were being undertaken in intergalactic space without physical forces.

In order to undertake this research both the mind and quantitative observations are required. As dowsing involves both of these factors, this technique was adopted, i.e. scientific noetics or mind science. The physical dimensions of simple geometric shapes were measured to compare to the dimensions of the same geometric shapes perceived “mentally” by the body’s senses.

Global scaling has been demonstrated in these laboratory conditions with simple equations obeying power laws that involve the universal constant phi (The Golden Ratio 1.61083..) and no arbitrary constants. Examples are d = 0.5 * L ^ Phi /2, Smax = 2 * r ^ Phi, and a = Phi * r ^ sqrt Phi. These formulae cannot be random results. The implications are (1) that phi forms part of the structure of space-time, and (2) the important quantified discovery that the mind can interface with the fundamentals of space-time, the laws of physics, and the cosmos. The latter concept supports ancient Eastern philosophy, although it is alien to traditional western science.

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The Mind, Consciousness, and Gravity

Recent theories suggest that gravity is not a fundamental force but a consequence of the way information about material objects is organised in space-time. However, current theoretical physics does not explain how or why gravity affects Mind Science in many ways. For example, higher gravity reduces dimensions, whilst lower gravity produces longer perceived lines. The equation for this phenomenon involves the inverse of the Newtonian gravitational force raised to the power of the Feigenbaum’s Constant, 4.6692. The latter is not only a universal constant, but is also associated with chaos theory, bifurcation, fractals, and fluid flow turbulence. This is another example of consciousness being linked to the structure of the universe and the laws of physics, but sometimes with different interpretations to classical physics. Importantly, it also suggests that consciousness is linked to randomness and probability which could lead to explaining how quantum physics is affected by observations.

Surprisingly, gravity also affects perception when no matter or mass is involved. For instance, when performing Mind Science on certain pure 2-dimensional geometric shapes, a powerful perceived beam disappears if the geometry is not exactly vertical.

The drift of mind generated floating geometrical shapes is affected by gravity in several ways. In spite of the earth’s spin, the intuitively perceived shape will hover above its created location, presumably because of gravity. In addition, there is a very slow velocity of its drift which increases with its height. Its drift velocity also increases at new moon, but decreases at full moon; a further suggestion of gravitational involvement.

Objects have seven dowsable bands, and the preference seems to be for these to be horizontal, even for shaken liquids. It therefore seems that gravity is also involved in this phenomenon.

As conical helices (comonly refered to as subtle energy spirals) have a vertical axis, gravity would seem to be involved in their production.

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Consciousness and the Big Bang

In general, science accepts that during the Big Bang both the structure of the universe and the laws of physics were created simultaneously. Both of these have since remained constant throughout the observable universe. This is unlike everything else in the physical universe which has continually evolved.

The experimental evidence I have developed demonstrates that consciousness, in its widest sense, was also created at the time of the big bang, and together with the storage, communication and perception of information, is intimately connected to the structure of the universe and the laws of physics.

This conclusion is based on using noetics with no physical equipment. Remarkably, equations are found with high correlation coefficients which include the same universal constants as mentioned above, as well as polyhedra angles. These cannot be a result of chance or premeditation.

The introduction of this concept of consciousness into theoretical physics may help to explain the “weird” effects of quantum physics and hitherto other inexplicable phenomena including entanglement, dark energy, inflation theory, and the connection between the essence of consciousness and the Higgs field.

General acceptance of the above facts should lead to a monumental paradigm shift in mankind’s understanding of the cosmos and its incorporation of consciousness.

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Demonstrating that Information can Travel Faster than the Speed of Light  

As a result of dowsing pure geometry during the times of lunar and planetary conjunctions / transits, a series of ground breaking discoveries have been made, which lead to the following exciting postulations.

a. Einstein was wrong when claiming that nothing can go faster than light.
b. Communication of fundamental information across the solar system is instantaneous.
c. The subtle energy beam produced by 3 aligned cosmic bodies may be the mechanism for astrology.
d. The same properties demonstrated by geometric alignment for macro objects could equally apply to explain quantum entanglement at the micro level.
e. There may be a strong connection between the subtle energies reported here, and “dark energy” which makes up over 75% of the universe.

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Entanglement of Non-Quantum Objects

Traditionally, entanglement has been associated with particles at the quantum level. Entanglement has now been created by linking two large objects. Naturally occuring entanglement of two objects from a common source has been demonstrated by tearing a leaf in two, or dividing a quartz crystal into two pieces. Entanglement has also been demonstrated between two dissimilar objects such as two pebbles or glasses of water, by placing them on subtle energy line nodes, or linking them by mind created psi lines. Transmitted physical properties include pressures and vorticity, with their effects on auras being measured. The similarities between dowsing and quantum physics are also being studied.

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A Model of Consciousness

Under development is a model of how dowsing, consciousness, and in particular, how the physical brain and the mind interact with the structure of the universe and the laws of physics. The latest experimental results demonstrate that the universe is so created that aspects of consciousness apply not only to the mind, but also to inert solid objects as well as abstract geometric shapes.

For example, 3 objects (or even 3-geometrical shapes) can be separated by vast distances, but when they are aligned so their centres form a straight line, a subtle energy beam is produced. The measurements of this effect indicate a significant resonance. As these bodies interact to produce beams, have they “consciousness” so they are aware that they are in alignment, even though they could possibly be millions of miles apart? Is this just the bodies being “aware”, or more likely is it just a consequence of the structure of the universe. This is similar to the quantum entanglement paradox, but applies in general, not just to sub-atomic particles.

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The Tree of Life and Universal Constants

The Tree of Life pattern, originating over 1,000 years ago with Kabala, can be detected by dowsing any living plant or animal. By experiments and measurements with real dowsed examples of the Tree of Life's 3-dimensional geometry, key universal constants are found such as the series of angles whose sine's are 1/n, where n is an odd number equal to or greater than 3. It is hoped that this research reflects the structure of the Universe, as, for example, similar angles are found in tetrahedral geometry, or the bonding angle of carbon atoms.

The probability of finding universal constants by chance is virtually zero. This is proof for the sceptics that not only does dowsing work, but also can be used for fundamental scientific research.

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Standard Yardstick for Mind Science Measurements

For the calibration of dowsing measurements, a practical standard “yardstick” has been adopted that involves dowsing geometry: in particular a dot (0-dimensional), as this produces a dowsable line, the furthest point of which is a precise measureable boundary. The length of this line changes in time, location, and if placed in a subtle energy beam.

The advantages of this technique include an easy to produce universal standard, which is very practical, provides precise measurements, and is easily repeatable. The validation of this technique is proven as members of a group dowse the same phenomenon.

Successful ground breaking research using this yardstick includes quantifying how noetic measurements vary over time, how the perceived dimensions of earth energies change over time, and measuring that the speed of information across the solar system is significantly greater than the speed of light.

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Banks & Ditches

Europe and the UK, in particular, have numerous Stone Age and Bronze Age sites surrounded by banks and ditches. The perceived benefit for constructing sites of this type must have been considerable to motivate the undertaking of these vast “civil engineering projects”.

Banks and ditches produce a plethora of subtle energy lines and dowsable fields which are some of the most comprehensive in the study of “earth energies”. This phenomenon warrants further investigation, as it leads to interesting insights into such concepts as the role of geometry in consciousness, mind and matter, universal scalar theory and whether the universe is holographic. In particular, measurements show that the solar system and gravity are factors in perception as significant seasonal, lunar month, and daily variations are involved.

One of the unexpected, but profound, discoveries of this research is that identical subtle energy lines can be obtained, in laboratory conditions, with 2 small parallel objects. The latter can range from 2 plastic gutters, 2 bamboo canes, a double sine wave drawn on a wall, or even 2 parallel lines drawn on paper.

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Variations when Measuring Dowsable Fields

Dowsers obtain different results for the same measurement, at different times of the day, month, or year. Surprisingly, the numerous reasons for this variability include the 24 hour daily cycle (caused by the Earth’s spin on its axis); the 28-day lunar cycle (caused by the Moon orbiting the Earth); lunar gravity causing daily tides on earth; the 365-day annual cycle (caused by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun); geometric astronomical alignments; possible physiological effects such as hormones; and the personal interpretation of dowsing. Dowsing measurements are also affected by the presence of earth energies, subtle energy and psi-lines.

Even though dowsers may obtain different values, they will generally observe similar phenomenon, obtain similar equations with identical exponents, and obtain the same ratios and measure the same angles. In general, only the multiplying constants will differ.

Although some people dismiss dowsing because of the perceived inconsistency of results, this variability can be put to great benefit in researching the factors that affect dowsing. Experimental results on each of the above variables are starting to provide a significant input to the fundamental understanding of how dowsing works.

In the wider context, the conclusions of this research suggest that concepts such as the mind, , or even the menstrual cycle are affected not just by our local environment on the Earth, but by the cosmos in general.
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Spin and the Mind

Spin is an important property of the universe. Unsurprisingly, it manifests itself in many ways when dowsing. For example, many earth energy lines are created by the Earth’s rotation on its axis. Creating a vortex in a sample of water increases its aura. Spinning solids produce different results to liquids. Intriguingly, spin generates dowsable fields which are similar to mind generated psi-lines. Dowsing a revolving fan produces an aura comprising 2-lobes, suggesting a connection to dipoles. Last, but not least, experiments have shown that Tibetan spinning prayer wheels significantly increase auras.

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Magnetism, Electromagnetic Fields, and Photons

Photons and electromagnetism form part of one of the fundamental forces in the universe, and significantly affect dowsing. For example, the orientation to magnetic north is critical for some objects and geometrical shapes.

Source objects placed in a Faraday Cage may change their dowsed patterns, whilst some dowsable fields are unaffected by screening. If certain crystals are kept in the dark, their auras gradually decay to nothing over a period of a few days, suggesting that photons are required to generate auras.

Increasing mechanical pressure increases a source object’s aura, and suggests that the latter involves the electromagnetic interaction between the molecular structure of the source and the Information Field.

Electrostatic charge also affects dowsing, such as increased auras for a charged baloon or capacitor.

A possible result of this and associated research may lead to a more satisfactory understanding of the role of electomagnetism in consciousness, wave/particle duality, and the structure of the universe.

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Zero Point Field / Information Field

Traditional quantum physics considers the Zero Point Field as comprising randomly generated virtual elementary particles being spontaneously created and annihilated – too fast for us to detect them. The “vacuum energy” or negative pressure associated with this process could be the explanation for dark energy and the gravitational repulsion. Based on the current “orthodox” understanding of physics, the main problem with this theoretical approach is that it gives results that are 120 orders of magnitude too great compared to the observed cosmic acceleration!

Dowsers and other researchers postulate that the Zero Point Field could be similar to the Information Field which to their way of thinking comprises inter alia structured information, with long-term stability, self organised holographically, and built-in "consciousness". This model possibly involves standing waves and nodes as the mechanism for conveying information and gravity.

A vital component of any scientific theory is that it can make novel testable predictions. In this case, an acid test could be that the mathematics for the cosmic acceleration be re-worked (but with a structured Information Field) and see if this produces results that are 120 orders of magnitude less than the current interpretations of quantum physics and therefore tie up with observations.

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Structure of the Information Field

My ambitious objective is to investigate the structure of the Information Field, which forms part of the Higgs Field and structure of the universe that interfaces with elements of consciousness. One method is by dowsing pure geometry; an academic objective that has been rarely attempted.

Developing an analogy to X-ray crystallography and diffraction gratings may prove useful in my quest. But here we are not using electro-magnetic waves, but consciousness. Confidence in this approach is justified for several reasons. Some of the patterns observed when dowsing seem similar to those produced by diffraction gratings or x-ray crystallography. But in particular, as a result of numerous experimental observations, we know that waves are involved in dowsing.

What we are seeking are relationships between the geometric patterns observed by dowsing, and the source geometry that creates those patterns. Researchers are invited to find a mathematical transformation(s) in the following data base of different source geometries and their dowsed patterns. This should help demonstrate how dowsing, the universe, and consciousness are connected and the mechanisms involved. An analogy is to Crick and Watson discovering the structure of DNA by using Rosalind Franklin’s diffraction images.

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Buddhist Temples and Tranquillity

Peace and tranquillity seem to pervade some Buddhist temples even in the presence of throngs of people, worshipers, tourists, and noisy ceremonies. My research has shown this is achieved by mind generated 5ft x 5ft or 10ft by 10ft square grids with a N-S, E-W orientation. This grid is similar to psi-lines, and although it can be created anywhere by the mind’s intent, in temples it is possibly a result of the method of Hindu and Buddhist prayers and the ancient associated philosophies. The extent of the peaceful area can be defined via the initial intent.

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Frequencies, Wavelengths, Velocities, Nodes, and Standing Waves

It has long been suspected that dowsing and similar techniques involve waves. Evidence observed in quantifiable experiments includes resonance, interference, null points, and 2:1 ratios, all of which are characteristics of waves.Standard wave theory leads to a wavelength and half wavelength explanation. Having determined a wavelength, theoretically, the associated velocity and frequency can be determined. However, as instantaneous communication of information is sometimes involved, the standard wave equation does not always apply in Mind Science work, making frequency a difficult concept. Possibly also involved are standing waves between nodes such as the source and the dowser, or 2 entangled objects.

My ambition is to determine the equivalent of wavelengths and velocities of information transmission for all types of subtle energies. There are numerous different types of subtle energies - each with its own differing wavelengths, and speeds of transmission of information. The latter range from walking pace to instantaneous.

One approach to achieve this objective is by measuring the resonance effects of 2 interacting objects or geometric shapes. This enables us to find half wavelengths. Suitable sources are 2 crystals or stones, or just two circles, or two parallel lines. Other suitable sources are under investigation.