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Consciousness, Intent & the Structure of the Universe


Jeffrey Keen's latest book Consciousness, Intent & the Structure of the Universe is a ground-breaking book which challenges accepted beliefs by proving with scientific precision that consciousness involves more than just your brain and actually depends on the very fabric of the Universe.

Is this book the missing link that some scientists have been reluctant to accept? This book is the culmination of years of research work by Jeffrey Keen who has identified, observed and measured universal energy fields that have not previously been detected (either by the usual five senses or from existing scientific instruments). Through his pioneering discoveries, this book unquestionably demonstrates and explains the ancient mystery of dowsing and its connection to the cosmos.

Evidence is provided that there exists a universally pervading Information Field which is the current front-runner in the evolution of understanding consciousness. The book demonstrates that because the brain readily interacts with the Information Field, there is a link between consciousness, intent, the structure of the Universe, quantum theory and other key topics currently being researched in Physics.

























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