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He has also published over 56 relevant scientific papers in well-respected, peer-reviewed technical journals, and on scientific websites detailing his significant and original research. He regularly receives about 400 downloads a month for his published papers and website articles. The prestigious Bell Essay Award was awarded to Jeffrey Keen in recognition of his prolific and unique research and his numerous published papers. He has been an active member of the UK Dowsing Research Group (DRG).

Jeffrey is from a traditional scientific background, where the belief is that science is always correct. Accordingly, he was initially dismissive of anything considered "alternative". However, as a result of experimental findings, through the wisdom of age, and after many years being detached from academia, he now accepts that orthodox science is neither comprehensive nor infallible, and that there is enormous scope in investigating non-mainstream science. This view has become strongly reinforced following the recent announcements that conventional science can only explain and understand about 4% of the universe.

The initial motivation for his research was threefold:-

1. He has always been intrigued why the act of consciously observing quantum experiments could affect their results.
2. He wished to discover why quantum effects were not observed in the macro world.
3. After nearly 100 years of unsuccessful theoretical research, there were so many unsuccessful and untestable theories of quantum gravity. Hence, he believed a new approach was required.

One such area, which has previously received limited examination or endorsement, is scientific research into the concepts of consciousness, perception and subtle energies. His experimental results prove that the mind and consciousness interact with the cosmos and the laws of physics. Consequently, perception is affected by both local and astronomical forces. This has led to his particular interests at the extremes of physics; the micro quantum level as well as the cosmos level. Uniquely, he has developed the use of noetics and dowsing as a research tool in his quest. His approach is the vigorous involvement of data, mathematics, and graphs leading to the search for equations, universal constants, and universal angles. This has extended the boundaries of Mind Science and Noetics literature, as well as proving that the extended mind can communicate information instantaneously across the cosmos and can indeed interact with the laws of physics.

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Jeffrey Keen is a leading expert in the Physics of Consciousness, and holds an Honours degree in Physics and Mathematics from Imperial College, London University. He has been involved in scientific research for over 50 years, maintaining a passionate interest in physics whilst developing a successful career as Chairman and Managing Director in industry and business. He has now retired, allowing him to concentrate on his scientific research.

His publications include Managing Systems Development, (2 editions published by John Wiley) which became a standard part of curricula at universities worldwide. Jeffrey has also published two well-acclaimed ground-breaking books Consciousness, Intent and the Structure of the Universe, followed more recently by The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology.